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Information about our handmade molded candles made of pure beeswax

Our candles are handmade from 100 % pure beeswax. For our colored beeswax candles we use only natural pigments. As these pigments can clog the wick when used in larger quantities, we only produce candkes in pastel colors.

Beeswax is one oft he oldest materials delivered from nature. Bees posess special glands enabling them to produce wax They ‚sweat‘ the wax out. With this wax, the bees build the honeycombs, where they store the honey and raise their offspring. Beeswax is colored differently, depending on the plants the bees visit. It can vary from yellow to reddish hues. To gain the wax, the honeycombs are melted. This wax is more brownish in color and has to be filtered in order to remove all impurities. White or ivory beeswax is gained by filtering out the pollen that is giving the beeswax it’s yellow color.

Pure beeswax will build up a whitisch coating over time, It can be polished to give the candle it’s shine back. This coating is the sign for 100 % beeswax quality.

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